Choudrant Elementary School’s Mission Statement:
Choudrant Elementary is committed to helping all children reach their full potential.

School Objectives:

  1. To help instill in the student a desire for an education so that he/she might realize the importance of it in life.

  2. To provide a setting conducive to the enhancement of foundational skills received in the past, so well as the discovery of new ideas and materials.

  3. To provide effective guidance and a variety of learning materials and techniques so that students can mature at an age-appropriate rate and move forward academically, spiritually, physically, socially, ethically, emotionally, thus developing a well-rounded individual.

  4. To help the students develop a feeling of self-respect and to realize that he/she is an important member of society.

  5. To broaden the student’s understanding of the world, and to help relate to it both as an individual and as part of a group.

  6. To help a student learn to form accurate judgments and logical conclusions, and to express thoughts clearly.

  7. To help the student begin to develop a marketable occupational skill in order to become a productive citizen.

  8. To improve rapport between teachers and parents, realizing that only when there is cooperation between school and home can pupil’s interests best be served.

  9. To provide educational experiences based on the needs of all students including the mentally and physically disabled.

School Achievements

  • Achieved Status of “Recognized Academic Growth” by the State of Louisiana Department of Education for school year 2005-2006.

  • Awarded Grants from Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation and Bell South Teacher Mini-Grant

Lincoln Parish Schools’ Vision Statement

A Quality Education for A Quality Life

Lincoln Parish Schools’ Mission Statement

To ensure higher academic achievement for all students and prepare them to be effective citizens.