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We believe that parents will exercise good judgment in dressing their child for school.† Problems do occur when children are not supervised closely.† Please stress to your child that clothing that is appropriate for play time may not be appropriate for school.† Also, check to see if clothes that may have fit properly the last time worn has not been out grown to the point that they are no longer proper to wear.† The following are guidelines that shall be followed for proper dress at our school.


1. Tennis shoes only shall be worn at all times.† (No black soled shoes, cleats, light ups, high tops, slip-ons, Toms (or similar brands), Baby Doll shoes, or boot-type shoes.)

2. Shorts are permissible, but must be at least 3 inches past child=s fingertips when his/her arms are held down by his/her side.

††† †††††††† a.† Biker shorts are not allowed

††† †††††††† b.† All shorts must be hemmed.

c.† Leggings may be worn under shorts, however shorts must still reach 3 inches past childís fingertips.††††

3. Pants and shorts may not have holes or rips in them.

4. No tube tops or halter tops are allowed.† Fish net shirts and shirts with spaghetti straps may only be worn if another shirt is worn underneath.† All shirt tops shall cover the midriff.

5. Any clothing that advertises alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or the drug culture will not be permitted.

6. No clothing with obscene, questionable or suggestive printing or pictures will be permitted.

7. No earrings for boys are allowed.† No earrings that are judged large enough to create a safety factor will be allowed for girls.† Other than ears, no body piercing ornaments will be allowed.† No chains attached to wallets are permitted.

8. No caps, hats, or visors are allowed.

9. No makeup of any kind is allowed.† If lips are chapped, use clear lip balm.† No perfume can be worn due to possible allergies of others.

10. Hair should be combed, clean, and a hairstyle that is suitable for elementary students.† It should be natural color, no spray or dyed colors, no designs or unusual hair styles (Mohawks, etc), strings in hair, feathers etc.

The principal or designee will be the final judge as to the ppropriateness of the studentís dress.